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Dr. Shyam Agrawal

Eye Specialist, M.S.D.O, M.S (Ophthalmology)
Hon. Trustee

We believe in providing an educational experience that promotes innovation, creativity, global perspectives and critical thinking, wherein students are able to explore and learn beyond the classroom with academic excellence and achievement in diverse fields. The school is dedicated to inspire each student, towards the pursuit of knowledge, the love of wisdom, an appreciation for splendour and the development of a strong character. In a nutshell, we inspire and enthuse budding global thinkers.

In the words of Socrates "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think". We aspire to make our students individual thinkers.

Dr. Sunil Agrawal

M.S (Tata), FICS, FMAS, RAGES (Cancer Specialist)
Hon. President

We believe that the most daunting and arduous , task for an educational institute is to prepare students who are capable of taking the mantle of leadership for tomorrow's complex world.

With the conviction of giving back to the society we will train our students, not just to excel in the academic pursuit, but to learn the true essence of happiness in life. Happiness that connects an individual to his/her inner self.

The school prides itself by encouraging positive interaction with parents through our desire to build and maintain high level of co-operation between the home and the school. We value the concept of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”.

The end result will be an effective and informed citizen from our school – to make his or her mark in societal reforms apart from professional excellence.

Shri. Ramesbhai Parekh

Kamlaben Babulal Parekh Pre Primary School
Trustee - Donor

Every child adds a unique value to our world.....

No one teaches you how to dream, but at Kamlaben Babulal Parekh Pre Primary School, we make the young sparkling eyes visualize the world of their dreams. With our well trained, dedicated and expert faculty we provide strong roots, a firm base to our toddlers which ensures that each tiny feet walking to our school is happily entering and embracing the world of learning.

As every child is special and unique, we ensure you to provide an enriched, value based curriculum for the holistic development of the individual. We render an ambiance full of love, care, appreciation and comfort and prepare the children to achieve the age appropriate developmental milestones required at various stages of elementary education.

A 'home away from home' is the aphorism we stand by.

Mr. Dhaval Agrawal

B.Sc., DMLT(Mum), C.I.P(Australia
Hon. Secretary

Education is the only solution

Committed to educate the future of the world; The students

Education prepares the individual to connect - and live in harmony - with the environment around him. Globalization has changed the size, nature and quality of that environment. The challenge for higher education, therefore, is to reform, create and develop systems that prepare the individual to work in borderless economy and live in global society hence; the educational institutions need to produce global citizens.

"At the intellect we recognize this role and that's why it's not just scholastic achievement that is pivotal to us, we also focus on 'character building' of our students. Knowledge, ability, competency, adaptability and flexibility, cooperativeness, patience, tolerance, creativity, innovativeness, a futuristic outlook, an energetic and dynamic approach, motivation and commitment in building a career is what Sanjeevani World School aspires to be.

Indu Agrawal

Chief Finance Officer
Hon. Treasurer

A caring and conducive home environment with a nurturing and supportive ambience at school will give our children the head start they deserve by equipping them with the skills and resilience to take their place in today's competitive world.

We offer our children empowerment giving them the resources to make the right choices in a world where transient values are buffeted by a stressful environment and knowledge explosion. A strong academic thrust in a value based delivery framework, gives the Sanjeevani World School a distinct edge.

Every child who comes to us is cherished for what he or she is. Excellent infrastructure, a team of dedicated professionals, a challenging curriculum and host of co-curricular activities at Sanjeevani World School will make EVERY CHILD A WINNER and THEY WILL BE FUTURE READY FOR LIFE.